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The Wire Branch exists to explore the possibilities of the wire-strung clarsach, acknowledging its historical past and developing different styles of playing which encompass both ancient and modern approaches to technique, repertoire, and the instrument itself. We also have several members who play bray harp, as the techniques are similar, as well as those who play gut-strung harps but are interested in the techniques, especially for ornamentation and playing in a clean style.

The branch runs monthly mixed ability workshops in Edinburgh, has commissioned new music such as Karen Marshalsay’s Half Ower Half Ower Tae Aberdour, and arrangements for wire-strung harp, published various occasional papers and projects, including a music tutor book and DVD with lessons by Ann Heymann, Javier Sainz and Bill Taylor, and has performed with Na Clarsairean at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival and Edinburgh Fringe.

Much of the material that the branch has published in the past,  including articles that first appeared in the journal Wire Strings (2006-2009), Bill Taylor’s Sources for Fingernail Technique, and articles that appeared on our previous websites https://wirebranch.wordpress.com, are accessible on the current branch site: http://www.wirebranch.co.uk/ 

Primary Contact

Convenor: Pamela Nairn

Contact:  wirebranch@gmail.com