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Correction: Mod Folio 2014

Early copies of this year’s Mod Folio (2014) carry an error in the printed syllabus. Competition B332 Recital Class is listed as a Senior Competition when it should be listed as a Junior Competition. The corrected syllabus can be downloaded here and a full description of the competition in question is included below. We hope this correction will make everyone who purchased an early copy of the folio aware of the correct information and apologise for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

B332, Junior Competition – Recital Class (Grade 6 and above)

Open to any players of gut and/or wire harp. a well balanced 10 minute programme of own choice music of Gaelic origin, to include spoken introductions in Gaelic or English by the competitor, who may include his/her own arrangements.



The Society publishes over 40 music folios for every level and style of playing.

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Edinburgh International Harp Festival

The Edinburgh International Harp Festival is an annual celebration and gathering of musical talents. Every Easter we bring harpists from across the globe together to rub shoulders with you, the audience.

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