Glasgow Branch Report 2020

How strange it is to look back at our year of clàrsach events before lockdown at the Glasgow branch!  We’ve had lots of fun and have learned music from some wonderful musicians.

The year started very eventfully for us with preparations for the Royal National Mòd in Glasgow.  As host branch there was an opportunity for us to perform at the concert at the end of the day of clàrsach competitions and so for our September workshop, Gillian Fleetwood taught us her arrangement of Puinneagan Cail as well as Tog Orm Mo Phìob which had been arranged by Màiri Macleod for everyone to play together.  Our October workshop was only a few days before the event so Gwen Yorke took the chance to rehearse the Mòd music and Rachel Rutherford introduced a new tune too.

The big day arrived and our branch members were very much a part of the clàrsach competitions.  Everyone pulled together to make an excellent team of stewards, chairpeople and tuners.  As a branch, we tend to have one-off workshops and haven’t done much performing as a group before so the concert at the end of the day was a big event for us.  We were all delighted with how it went and everyone was keen to do it again sometime!  

In November it was time for our usual highlight: our annual joint meeting with the Edinburgh branch!  We were taught tunes by Ellie Hetherington and Becky Hill and enjoyed catching up with our friends from the east.  The other workshops from December through to March were taught by Sarah MacNeil, Romy Wymer, Pippa Reid-Foster, Ruth Mackay, Sam MacAdam and Karen Marshalsay.  By the time of our last workshop we had already heard that the harp festival had been cancelled and everyone was getting fairly edgy about what was to come but thank goodness for the music!  Over lockdown we’ve kept harping through our branch padlet of resources which has been a really fun way of dipping in and out of clàrsach activities.  Things are starting to look a bit more hopeful for music-making again.  Fingers crossed for some live tunes soon!

Convenor – Gwen Yorke

Secretary – Rachel Rutherford