Harp Hire

One of The Society’s key activities is hiring good quality harps to members at affordable prices.  Society members can arrange harp hire through the National Office in Edinburgh, or through local Branches (subject to availability).  For commercial or short-term hires, please see the bottom of the page.

If you’re not already a member of The Clarsach Society, you will need to join before you’re able to hire a harp from us.  There are three categories of membership – Family, Adult and Concession: if the harp hire is on behalf of your child, you may join on their behalf at the concessionary rate.

Harp Hire Fees 2020

  • Membership of The Clarsach Society: Family £25, Adult £20, Concessionary £10
  • Non-returnable registration fee of £10
  • Administration fee of £30 on commencement of hire
  • Monthly Clarsach Society harp rental fee: standard harp £25 / EIHF harp* £22.50

Waiting List
Once you have signed up as a member and paid the registration fee, you will be put on our waiting list: we will then get in touch with you as soon as a harp becomes available.

Contract and Insurance
We will send you a contract via email to sign and return to us.  You will also need to put in place insurance (with e.g. Jack Hayward Insurance) for the harp for the duration of your hire.  It may also be possible to add the harp to your existing home or contents insurance: please check with your provider what can be covered.

Collecting the harp
Once the paperwork is complete, we will arrange a mutually-convenient date and time for you to come and collect the harp from the National Office in Edinburgh.  We have had to put extra procedures in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, which you will find outlined below: please read these carefully.

If you live too far to collect the harp in person, a courier can be arranged to deliver the instrument in our custom flight case.

Read our Harp Hire Terms and Conditions here.

*An EIHF hire harp is allocated to members living in Edinburgh.  The harp gets recalled once a year for the duration of the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, but to reflect this the price is less than usual (£22.50 per month, as opposed to £25.00).  After the Festival, you collect the harp again and the hire continues.

Harp Hire Safety and Covid-19

The Clarsach Society is committed to the safety of all its members and staff.  We take very seriously the risks associated with contact transmission of Covid-19, and the implications this has for our harp hire scheme.

Research has shown that the coronavirus can survive on wood for up to 5 days.

Although anti-viral wipes can be a useful ‘quick fix’, they cannot possibly get into every corner of the instrument, and thus eliminate the risk of potential cross-contamination.

In order to make the harp hire process as safe and straightforward as possible at this challenging time, The Clarsach Society has formulated the following guidelines.

Please note: We ask all harp hire customers returning or collecting a harp to prioritise the well-being of our staff by wearing face coverings and, where appropriate, latex gloves – as our staff will be doing.  Please also allow enough time to find somewhere to park safely as near to the hall as possible, as we will not be able to assist with transportation.

Harp Return:

  • Staff will meet the customer at a pre-appointed time either in the open hall outside the Clarsach Society office or outside the building itself. (address below).
  • Staff will wear a face covering and latex gloves, and we request that customers please do likewise.
  • All returned hire harps will be put it into quarantine for 1 week before they are checked over.
  • If everything is in order, we will email you a receipt and confirmation of the termination of your contract; or if anything requires further attention, we will inform you of this.

Harp Collection:

  • All returned hire harps will be put it into quarantine for at least 1 week before they are checked over and serviced.
  • Once the harp has been fully checked over, the harp will be quarantined for a further week and the prospective hirer notified of any necessary repairs which could further delay the new hire.
  • When the harp is ready for collection, staff will meet the hirer at a pre-appointed time in the open hall outside The Clarsach Society’s office or outside the building itself. (address below).
  • Staff will wear latex gloves and a face covering, and we request that customers please do likewise.

The Clarsach Society
Studio G43
Out of the Blue Drill Hall
36 Dalmeny Street

Commercial or Short-Term Hires

If you have an enquiry about commercial or short-term hire, please phone the office on 0131 554 0212 or email us and we will do our best to help.

Harps for Sale

Private vendors may, for a small fee, advertise their instruments for sale on our website.  You can browse the current list of harps here

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