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We are a large, busy branch with a wide range of activities for harpers at every level.  In more normal times, we take part in three major concerts every year – at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and an annual Christmas concert, Harps of Gold, in the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh.  For the time being, these will all be conducted online.

As well as rehearsing for our concerts (expertly led by Isobel Mieras), we currently have lots of other fun online workshops throughout the year, ranging from our Burns Bash in January to regular annual workshops with Northumberland and Glasgow branches and our Open Platform event in October.

Saturday 23 January 2021, 2.00-4.00pm

First of all, greetings to everyone from the Edinburgh Branch.  Generally at this time we have a full programme of events and rehearsals and our harping year starts with what has come to be known as the Burns Bash when we enjoy learning some of the music associated with Rabbie Burns, the haggis is addressed and then we enjoy haggis, neeps and tatties.  This year it’s a Burns Bash with a difference.

We’ll Zoom into this at 2.00pm on Saturday and if you’d like to join please send an e-mail to Morag Philips / Laura Jones and you’ll receive a link to the event.

Margaret Collin has organised an afternoon in which Patsy Seddon will lead us through music associated with Burns followed by a short celebration.  Please supply your own haggis and have a glass ready for the traditional toast!

2.00pm.            Teaching of “The Gallant Weaver”

2.45pm             Coffee

3.00pm             Teaching of “Jamie Come Try Me”

3.30pm             5 minute break to get a toast ready

The Bash:

“Mary Queen of Scots Lament” – Poem followed by a Clarsach solo/duet

Jamie come try me” – All – led by Patsy

“A Man’s A Man” – Piper

“Address to a Haggis” followed by toast

“The Gallant Weaver” – All – led by Patsy followed by solo song

“Auld Lang Syne” – All – led by Sean Macpherson

Music for The Gallant Weaver is attached, as well as our customary Auld Lang Syne, which many of you will have already.  Music for the second piece will be sent with the link.

We have further Zoom sessions planned as follows.  This information will be updated as soon as arrangements are finalised.

DateTimeAll events by Zoom – full details will be issued by e-mail
Saturday 13 February2.00 – 4.00pmJoint meeting with members of the North East Scotland Branch.
Led by Isobel Mieras and Irene Watt.
Saturday 27 February2.00 – 4.00pmJanet Bennett will introduce us to the music of Northumbria.
Saturday 13 March
2.00 – 4.00pm
Ellie Evans and Rosemary McKerchar.
Saturday 27 March
2.00 – 4.00pm
Edinburgh Branch, January 2021

Branch Committee:
Isobel Mieras, Morag Philips, Rena Mitchell, Catherine Dowell, Margaret Collin, Ellie Evans, Helen Forster, Katie Harrigan, Laura Jones, Anne Moar

Any questions? Contact any of the following:
Isobel Mieras (Convenor) david.mieras@talktalk.net
Morag Philips (Vice-Convenor and Membership Secretary) clarsoc.edin@gmail.com
Rena Mitchell (Secretary) clarsachsedinburgh@gmail.com 
Catherine Dowell (Treasurer) cdowell105@hotmail.co.uk

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