Players Needed: “From Scratch” Concert at EIHF

From Scratch” Performance

Your opportunity to rehearse and perform at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival!


Merchiston Castle School,  294 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH13 0PU

Memorial Hall

Wednesday April 4th

2.00pm (rehearsal) and 4.00pm (performance)



In the spirit of friendship and fun for which our Festival is famous, harp players are invited to join in a concert of music by four well known arrangers and composers who will each rehearse and then lead the performance of their own piece. To ensure maximum satisfaction, pieces will include parts for all levels of experience.

Rachel Hair will lead music from “Mannin Aboo!” with the help of her ensemble Claasagh from the Isle of Man.

Corrina Hewat, along with the BMus and Masters lever harp students from RCS, will lead “Alan Friendly” a piece written by Corrina and arranged specially for this performance.

Susan Syverson from Sweden will lead “Strengaspel” with her harp, fiddle and cello ensemble from the Music School of Kristianstad.

Isobel Mieras, with the orchestra of the Edinburgh Branch of the Clarsach Society, na Clarsairean will direct us in a movement from her new “St Kilda” suite.


Register here to take part in the performance. A link to download music will appear after you register.


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