Rachel’s Music

Rachel Hair will lead in a performance of Mannin Aboo!

Thank you so much for joining in with the Manx section of this concert. I hope you’ll enjoy learning these tunes from the Isle of Man and that it will maybe encourage you to look more into the music and culture from the island.

I’ve entitled this mini suite “Mannin Aboo!” which rougly translates from Manx Gaelic as “Hooray Isle of Man!”.

Please listen to the music. CLICK HERE.

Manx Gaelic is very similar sounding to Scottish Gaelic, but is written more phonetically. E.G the first tune we’re playing “Arrane ny nie” would translate as “Òran nighe” in Scottish Gaelic.

Gow tait nys jeh’n chiaulleeaght! (Enjoy playing the music!)



Mannin Aboo!
Set F# levers throughout.
1 – Arrane ny nie
… straight into…
2 – Auldyn River
3 – Flitter Dance
… switch on C# levers …
4 – Hop-tu-naa Jigs , Claasagh playing 2 jigs then all Hop-tu-naa


Details and downloads of the four pieces to be played:

1. Arrane ny nie (Download Beginner, Download Elementary, Download Intermediate)

This is a lullaby, so we’ll play this nice and gently.

Tune x 2
… Go straight into …


2. Auldyn River (Download Beginner, Download Elementary, Download Intermediate)

This tune we will play a bit louder, and very much flowing like a river. You’ll find we’ll naturally speed up to the correct tempo for this.

Tune x 2 with a rallentando (slow down) at the end of the last time through


3. Flitter Dance (Download Beginner, Download Elementary, Download Intermediate)

Intro – start quiet and end loud
A part x 2 as indicated on music
B part x 2 as indicated on music
Intro played again, as the Outro, with same starting quiet and end loud


4. Hop-tu-naa Jigs (Download Beginner, Download Elementary, Download Intermediate)

Claasagh harp group will be playing 2 jigs, twice through, before we all play Hop-tu-naa. The first, 3 Little Boats is in
Bm, The second, Moirrey ny Cainle, is in D major. I will bring you all in for Hop-tu-naa.
Three Little Boats (Bm) x2 Claasagh only
Moirrey ny Cainle (D maj) x2 Claasagh only
… WHILST THEY ARE PLAYING THESE, SWITCH ON YOUR C# LEVERS … Harp 3 (simplest part) do not play any C#’s, so if you don’t have any C levers that’s ok.
Hop–tu-naa x 3
Three times as written, take care with the repeats on the music. Lots of energy, loud and proud!