Children’s Event at The EIHF 2018 – Players Needed!



Children’s Event at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2018

            in partnership with the Year of Young People 2018


           The Power of the Harp – Sign Up Below!


Saturday 31 March

3:00 – 4:00pm

Merchiston Castle School,  294 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH13 0PU

Memorial Hall


All children of school age currently playing harp are invited to take part in this special event, where we will help Jack restore beautiful music to the Land where terrible silence reigns.

The Performance will take place in Saturday March 31st  in the Memorial Hall of Merchiston Castle  School at 3.00pm.

There will be three rehearsals:

Saturday March 10th 10.00am -12 noon in Craiglockhart Church Hall.

Saturday March 24th 10.00am -12 noon in Craiglockhart Church Hall.

Final rehearsal on the day of the concert, March 31st in the Memorial  Hall 11.00am -1.00pm

The music will be accessible to all abilities:  simple melodies, patterns and a wee song which will all come together (along with some exciting improvised sound effects!)  to illustrate our story, which has been specially written by Heather Yule.

If you have any queries, call Isobel Mieras on 0131 445 2022.


A link will appear after you register. Follow the link to download your music!


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