Isobel’s Music

Isobel Mieras will lead in a performance of Farewell to St Kilda:


Please download:

Harp 1, or Harp 2, or Harp 3 (see below)

The Link

and Auld Lang Syne


Download Harp 1

This part is accessible to most levels with a simple melody and left hand accompanying patterns. ]

Please be aware of the clearly indicated phrase lines and slurs. Listen to Harp 1.


Download Harp 2

This part is the same as Harp 1 to begin with, then plays more extended chords. It is also suitable for most levels. Listen to Harp 2.


Download Harp 3

This part is the melody alone, which can, at points, be divided between the hands. I have given advisory fingering, which respects the phrases and slurs which are important to the character of the tune. It is suitable for beginner and elementary levels. Listen to Harp 3.


Notes for practice and performance:


This is the final piece in a new suite.

Watch for out the pauses in all parts near the end. Note the first 8 bars are for solo harp.


In the performance, na Clarsairean will play the first movement of the suite “A Calm Morning in Village Bay” leading us into the Link followed by “Farewell to St Kilda.”

The Link is made up of simple pentatonic patterns which enter in turn, build up then fade out.


St Kilda is a group of islands which rise dramatically out of the Atlantic 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. The largest island, Hirta, was inhabited for thousands of years by folk who created their own unique way of life, fishing and harvesting both the small amount of fertile land and the huge colonies of seabirds on nearby Soay and Boreray. Their way of life and culture came to an end in 1930, when the last remaining 36 islanders left.

Today the islands are in the care of the National Trust for Scotland. I was fortunate enough to visit this amazing place in June last year.  Hearing its poignant history and experiencing its dramatic seas, landscapes and unique atmosphere led me to compose “The St Kilda Suite.” Na Clarsairean will perform the entire suite at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe in August.

Isobel Mieras