Informal Teaching Seminars at EIHF

An invitation to take part in Informal Seminars for experienced teachers, novice teachers and would-be teachers immediately prior to The Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2018.

Friday March 30th 11.00am- 12.30pm and 2.00pm-3.30pm at Merchiston Castle School, Colinton Road, Edinburgh.








The Clarsach Society actively strives to promote good teaching of the harp, to encourage and support competent players to take up teaching, especially in areas where there is no resident teacher, and to facilitate communication between those with long experience and those starting out.

All teachers and performers at the next Edinburgh International Harp Festival have been invited to take part in these seminars which will take the form of informal discussions on relevant topics.

The Society invites all teachers to join them to share inspiring ideas, discuss potential problems and forge new friendships.

Topics may include:

What makes a good/inspiring teacher?  where to start?

The importance of technique/ posture/ physical care

Finding repertoire to suit individual needs/ages/tastes

Exams, competitions –useful tools of hard masters?

Working with individuals, groups and ensembles

———–maybe more?

Topics will be introduced by individuals with relevant experience – or inexperience!—and each session gently, but firmly, chaired to ensure breadth of discussion.

There is no charge but please let us know by Saturday 17th March at the latest if you will be attending. Sorry we are unable to provide refreshments, but the cafe will be open for the purchase of light lunch/tea/coffee. It would assist the catering staff if you could let us know if you are likely to use this service.

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