Corrina’s Music

Corina Hewat will lead in a performance of Alan Friendly:

This is a piece of music written for a man who lives in Comrie, Perthshire. He is an eco-warrior of sorts, always ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear to those individuals or communities in need. I was commissioned to write this by his wife Chris Grace and their three lovely girls. It was in December 2012 and was to be a special present for Alan. As Alan eats a specific diet to manage his health concerns, everything in the house must be ‘Alan Friendly’. And so the tune needed to be too!

There are four harp parts as written:

Download Harp Advanced

This is the part with most going on, largest stretch of hand, rhythmically more challenging. Listen to Harp Advanced.

Download Harp Elementary

This is the part with the most beautiful, easily placed, lines riding high over the top, and triads moving alongside the melody. Listen to Harp Elementary. 

Download Harp Early Intermediate

This is the part supporting the Elementary, also with it’s own special inner lines and some chord movement. Listen to Harp Early Intermediate.

Download Harp Wire and Intermediate

This is the part that has no C sharps written in the music, only F sharps, in the hope that wire harps could play without retuning too many strings. And it has more complex lines so is an intermediate level. Listen to Wire and Intermediate.

Listen to the full version here.

Have a listen to all the tracks, look at all the music, decide which you would like, and print and practise!

Looking forward to April and hearing it all come together.

All the best,

Corrina Hewat