Condolences – Helen MacLeod

Edinburgh Branch Member Katie Harrigan’s kind words on the late Helen MacLeod.

Our dear friend Helen MacLeod died most tragically in a car accident on 23rd July, aged only 37.

Helen was a long-standing and much-loved member of The Clarsach Society. She was passionate about traditional music as well as classical repertoire, and while she was a pupil at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, she played with Na Clarsairean. She was an inspirational teacher of many members of the Society, both at an individual level, and as an exciting and energetic group leader at various Branch meetings. Part of her legacy is the passion she instilled in many students for the clarsach and its music, so much so that she became a vital part of many of our lives.
Helen also made regular appearances at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, both as a performer and as a teacher.

The attached Obituary is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful, vibrant, kind and colourful person whose death has left many of us bereft.