Ardival Kentigern Harp

The Kentigern is a large medieval gut-strung harp with gentle curves on the arm and pillar. It has a hollowed-out sound box made of lime and is strung with gut.

The Kentigern rests comfortably between the player’s knees.

Strings:  23 gut

Range:  c-d”’

Width (across sound box) 15 cm; Depth (from end of string arm to back of sound box) 49 cm; Length (from end of string arm to base of pillar) 88 cm

Weight:  3 kg

It comes with:  a black Padded case with shoulder straps for ease of carrying the harp when traveling. Also, a three legged matching stool for resting the harp on when playing and a tuning key.

Cost when Purchased in May 2014 – Harp £1210; Carrying case £234.00; Stool £120.00 Total £1,564


The harp and accessories are in new condition.

All items as mentioned above are included in the sale for £1,000.00


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