Transpennine Branch News

We had our very last play together a couple of weeks ago, and with just 5 of us rattled off a couple of new tunes.   We are looking at using the technology to have small groups to play together; our tutor, lovely Lucy Nolan, is going to record harp parts from our current play list so that we can keep practising…

We are so disappointed that the EIHF is not happening but excited and delighted that the Festival team have pulled together the virtual festival.  The harp community is certainly coming together, sharing music and offering tutorials – being there for each other in what is a worrying time economically as much as anything for all our artists and performers.  Sending love and prayers from the Transpennine Group.

Harps at a pantomime!

At the beginning of February, four of our members played their harps for the amateur production of Sleeping Beauty in Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. The harps provided a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere as the audience entered and during the interval, they gave magical sound effects for the fairies, and a very interesting sequence of harp music during a theatrical dream sequence. From one of the reviews: “You’ve not lived until you’ve heard the Star Wars theme played on harps.”  An interesting experience, as the harps need to coordinate with the stage manager, cast and lighting, and we received many appreciative comments from audience members.