Northumbrian Branch News


Hello from the Northumbrian branch. It seems such a long time since we were able to meet and play our harps together. Rest assured we are still playing – our tablets, laptops and phones have proved to be very useful in bringing us new music to learn and enjoy.

The virtual harp festival helped to bring us together – the workshops and concerts were very much appreciated and greatly enjoyed by our members. The Northumbrian branch would like to thank all of those involved in putting the Festival together. It was a tremendous achievement and a great success.

Thanks also to Rachel Hair for all her hard work in providing online tuition which some of our members are enjoying. Thanks too to Isobel for sending out her music.

For some of us as instrumental teachers, we are making use of Skype, Zoom etc to give online lessons. It is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but it is keeping music making alive and well.

We hope it’s not too long before we are able to meet up and play our harps together again.