*For Sale* Beautiful Camac Telenn Kadiou

Camac Harp Levers

In maple, 34 strings, exceptionally light, only 8 Kilos, ideal to transport easily. Extremely light-tension strings, ideal for fast and light ornament playing and/or for song accompaniment.

Make no mistake, this is not the Telenn, with different features altogether, this is the Telenn Kadiou (no longer on sale by Camac, who have since moved on to the far more expensive carbon fibre Ulysse model, and that still weighs half a kilo more than the Kadiou)

This is a lever harp with a simple and classic look which combines extraordinary lightness and strength with a concert-quality sound. Every musician is in love with its rich, resonant, even sound. Its tension is light, as in the Irish tradition. The soft strings allow the harpist to glide nimbly over them, and produce a luscious sound, both rich in overtones and sparkling. The softer tension and the lighter pull are ideal for the folk harpist who dreams of an effortless harp that – as if by magic – plays by itself.

It is also equipped with a built-in Ischell Box® pickup system that produces clear and straight-forward amplification, it can also be used for recording.

I am including in the sale the professional Camac padded bag as shown for effortless and secure transportation, plus an Ikea adapted low stool for comfort playing, and tuning key.

To secure an instrument with these phenomenal fantastic features, you would have to turn either to the Ulysse, selling at around £5k, or to a DHC electric harp (even more expensive).

The total retail price of my Telenn Kadiou and of the padded bag was very close to £4,000.

I am offering it for £3,400.

Owned it only since January of this year (2019) and played it at home less than a dozen times, in mint conditions, available immediately, the harp can be tried out on arrangement in my home at Linlithgow.

Contact : Oreste De Tommaso, odeclassical@freeolamail.com
Telephone: 07740 995181 | 01506 840953

Camac with carrying case

Camac harp

Camac harp

Camac harp
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