Scholarship Application Form


1. (a) Any member of the society, Adult or Junior, may apply. (b) Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply in future years. (c) Successful applicants may NOT re-apply.

2. The scholarship is intended to benefit and encourage promising players at any level who have limited resources, financial or otherwise.

3. The award will be a fixed sum (up to £300) for use towards the cost of tuition and accommodation at an approved course with a Scottish content, e.g. Edinburgh International Harp Festival, or for a course of private lessons, or instrument hire.

4. Applicants will be given consideration by the society’s Music Committee and the scholarship awarded to the candidate(s) considered most deserving. The committee’s decision shall be final.

5. The applicant must upload MP3 of music played by the applicant on clarsach. This may be one piece or a short selection of contrasting pieces, lasting between 5 – 7 minutes in total and should include some Scottish content.

6. All entries must be submitted with:

a) A MP3 recording of music played by the application on clarsach (See Rule 5)

b) A confidential recommendation in a sealed envelope or private email written by a sponsor, being a recognised music teacher, who need not be a clarsach teacher but should be a teacher of music or performing musician able to comment on the applicant’s general musical ability. Sponsor letters must be sent to either: or posted to: Eleanor Marshall, The Clarsach Society, Studio G43, Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG.

7. Applications must be submitted by 1 November. The award may then be used during the following calendar year.

8. The successful applicant is required to submit a photograph and a short written account on how the award was applied to be published in the society’s Annual Report and on its website.

The scholarship is now closed. Applications are open from 1st July - 1st November.