About The Clarsach Society

The Clarsach Society’s aim is to promote, encourage and develop the playing of the clarsach, nationally and internationally, through tuition, performance and publication.

Established in 1931 at the close of the National Mòd in Dingwall, the Society’s founding principle is to advance the clarsach and its music, and to preserve its place in the national life of Scotland and in the wider world harp community.

The constitution states that the objects of the Society shall be to advance the education of the public in the music and the playing of the clarsach.  This is done through 12 regional Branches throughout the UK and the special-interest Wire BranchEach Branch organises events, courses and classes to suit the particular needs and enthusiasms of its members.  The Society also organises and promotes the annual Edinburgh International Harp Festival each spring.

One of the most important activities of the Society is to hire good quality harps to members at affordable prices. Through this scheme, some of the best-known performers and teachers, many of whom feature in the Festival, were enabled to take their very first steps in successful careersThe Harp Hire scheme is administered through the National Office.

The Society also collects and publishes sheet music for the clarsach in the form of the Music Folios, being, in fact, first in the field to do this for members, when such arrangements and compositions were very few.  Over the years, the Society has published 46 Folios, most of which are available from Creighton’s Collection or from the National Office.

The Clarsach Society also provides financial support to promising players – the annual Scholarship Award – or to composers in playing or writing for the clarsach – The Iain Macleòid Young Composer Award.

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