Edinburgh Fringe: Harp Events

If you in Edinburgh this August, don’t miss these wonderful harp events as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe:


In association with the Edinburgh Branch of The Clarsach Society:

Scotland’s Harps – A Celebration 1: Suberb duo Catriona McKay (clarsach) and Christ Stout (Shetland fiddle/viola) (Aug 18)

Scotland’s Harps – A Celebration 2: Talented young players perform traditional and contemporary music (Aug 20)

Scotland’s Harps – A Celebration 3: Na Clarsairean (the Scottish Harp Orchestra), Lothian Gaelic Choir and invited guests present a programme which is a veritable tapestry of Scottish music. The concert will also feature the second performance of Fiona Rutherford’s unique new composition, commissioned by EIHF in partnership with Drake Music Scotland, created for two disabled musicians and harp orchestra. (Aug 22)


Other exciting harp gigs include:
The Poozies: (Aug 12-13)
Macmaster/Hay with Rachel Newton and Calum McIntyre: (Aug 10)
Love: Alina Bzhezhinksa: (Aug 19-20)
Elinor Evans, Lunchtime Concert: (Aug 7)
Harp Sunday: Stephanie Harrison-Boond & Caitlin Bruce: (Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31)
Harping On! Pauline Vallance: (Aug 17, 19)