Young Composer Award

The Young Composer Award is an annual competition based award issued by The Clarsach Society.

Composers aged between 16 & 25 years of age are invited to present an original piece of music lasting no longer than 15, and no less than 10 minutes, suitable for:
a) Solo Clarsach/Non-pedal harp
b) Clarsach/Non-pedal harp and up to 3 other instruments and/or voices

The award is £500 plus a premiere performance at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.

Please note that the deadline for this competition has now passed!





The Clarsach Society are delighted to announce that Rachel Groves is the winner of this years Young Composer Award with her composition ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ which was written for the clarsach and the pedal harp.  Rachel will be performing at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival on Sunday 2nd April at 3pm at Merchiston Castle School, where she will also receive her award for the competition.  Tickets can be purchased online from the EIHF website.

Rachel Groves, 18, has been playing the clarsach for 7 years, and has been attending EHIF since 2010 when she had had just two lessons! She began the pedal harp a year and a half ago and has lessons with Sharron Griffiths, at the Junior Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

In December 2016 Rachel was named a joint winner of the Times’ annual Carol Competition and performed her piece with the Bach Choir in London. Rachel is currently taking a gap year, volunteering with a church in Edinburgh. Having wanted to write something for this competition for the past couple of years, she decided this was the year to finally do it but was incredibly surprised and delighted to have been successful!

The Clarsach Society is most grateful to the Imlay Foundationwhose generous donation is supporting this Award.